Funding of $269,000 has been announced to complete a 1 km section along Nerang-Murwillumbah Road at Numinbah and Austinville.

The crash records clearly show that there is an issue with motorcyclists and other recreational drivers traveling too fast for the Gold Coast – Springbrook Road alignment.

The roadside environment is extremely unforgiving with large trees, crash barriers and cliffs. Improving the alignment of the roadway will not be sufficient nor cost effective in itself to address the root cause for the elevated crash record.

Single W-Beam guardrails to be extended throughout curves (approx 200m) and existing W-Beam to be retrofitted with a secondary motorcycle safe rail to prevent errant riders from sliding under barriers or coming into conflict with guardrail supports.

New plastic, frangible base Chevron Alignment Markers to be installed where the posts are not protected by a guardrail.

Motorcycle Crash Zone signs to be installed at the beginning and end of the recreational driving route. The signage serves to increase the awareness of safety hazards both to motorcyclists and other drivers.

Construction date commences 1 June 2015 to be completed by the 1 July 2015.