Bates questions Minister on Numinbah Valley hooning

Member for Mudgeeraba, Ros Bates MP has continued to pressure the Labor Government on the issue of hooning in the Numinbah Valley after nine months of inaction.

Ms Bates, who had secured a $300,000 commitment from the former LNP Government to deliver CCTV cameras and lighting at the notorious intersection of Pine Creek Road and Nerang-Murwillumbah Road, said she met with new Police Minister in May and wants answers on what progress had been made since Labor took office.

“Hooning in the Numinbah Valley is one of the biggest issues for the local community, with a known hooning hot spot at the Pine Creek Road intersection being just several hundred metres from the Numinbah Valley Environmental Education Centre and the Numinbah Valley township,” said Ms Bates.

“In Parliament today, I have sought answers from the Minister for Police on what will be done to address this issue, including whether she has investigated declaring a ‘hoon zone’ at this location; allowing Police to fine vehicle owners and onlookers; and having the fire danger investigated.

“This issue is too important for politics and lives are at stake, so I sincerely hope the Minister does not take thirty days to respond and gives the community the answers they deserve as soon as possible.”

The Minister’s response is due on 10 December 2015, and local residents can keep up to date at or