Member for Mudgeeraba, Ros Bates MP has continued to pressure the Labor Government on the issue of student safety at Mudgeeraba Special School.

Ms Bates, who secured a commitment from the former LNP Government to deliver flashing school zone lights for Mudgeeraba Special School on School Street, said lights are urgently needed to secure the safety of special school students.

“The Labor Government has refused to install flashing school zone lights at Mudgeeraba Special School, despite the funding having already been contained in the former LNP Government’s fully costed and audited election costings,” said Ms Bates.

“By ripping away this funding from the school community and buck passing the issue to the Council, the Labor Government is putting at risk the safety of our special school students, many of whom have severe disabilities.

“In Parliament today, I have sought answers from the Labor Minister for Main Roads on whether he will now commit to working with the City of Gold Coast to install a school zone outside Mudgeeraba Special School and delivering flashing school zone signage for Mudgeeraba Special School.

“This issue is too important for politics and the safety of our special school students is at stake, so I sincerely hope the Minister does not take thirty days to respond and gives the school community the answers they deserve as soon as possible.”

Mudgeeraba Special School P&C president Stephanie Nelson said the safety of students and the wider community was frequently put at risk by speeding vehicles and flashing school zone lights were urgently needed.

“Mudgeeraba Special School is based at the bottom of a steep hill on School Street, so speeding cars often zoom past the school without realising students with disaiblities may be crossing the road,” said Ms Nelson.

“We need flashing school zone lights urgently to keep our kids safe and I am pleased to see this issue is being raised in Parliament on our behalf.”

The Minister’s response is due on 11 December 2015, and local residents can keep up to date at or