Child Safety – Curtis Powell

Statement from Shadow Child Safety Minister Ros Bates:

Like all Queenslanders, I am deeply disturbed by reports today surrounding the death of young Curtis Powell.

In recent months we have seen too many cases of vulnerable children being gravely let down by the system that’s there to protect them.

Sadly, Labor’s Shannon Fentiman is more comfortable hiding behind reviews than getting in and fixing the problem now.

Frontline child safety workers are crying out for help and in many cases, when workers leave they’re not being replaced – leading to dangerous backlogs that are building up across the state.

These are issues that Shannon Fentiman could be addressing right now.

It doesn’t take a review to know that burnt-out case workers and higher demand is leading to more children being left in potentially dangerous situations.

Children in care can’t afford to wait months while nothing changes.

I urge Ms Fentiman to show some leadership and take action now. If she isn’t prepared to, she should stand down and make way for someone who will.

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