Labor should immediately outline how much south-east Queensland water consumers stand to save thanks to the LNP’s water reforms.

Shadow Minister for Energy and Water Supply Andrew Powell said the Queensland Competition Authority’s (QCA) final determination on Seqwater’s bulk water prices for 2015-18 was due to be provided to the Labor Government today.

“The draft report outlined price reductions across the Somerset, Logan, Scenic Rim, Lockyer Valley, Gold Coast and Moreton Bay council areas in 2015-16,” Mr Powell said.

“The bulk water price is expected to increase in some local government areas, but will be lower than previously forecast.

“Consumers will rightly want to know how much they stand to save, which is why the Minister should release the QCA’s final report immediately.”

Mr Powell said while in government the LNP had taken action to put downward pressure on water costs.

“Unfortunately SEQ households are still paying for Labor’s $7 billion debt from unbuilt dams, an unnecessary recycled water treatment plant and dams not connected to water supply.

“We did what we could to reduce costs for Queenslanders by stripping out unnecessary capital expenditure, merging the bulk water entities into one and abolishing the Queensland Water Commission,” he said.

“These cost reducing actions have put downward pressure on future bulk water prices.

“In 2013-14 we were able to reduce Labor’s forecast price increase of $83 down to $49.”

Mr Powell said the Labor Government was yet to outline one policy that would drive down the cost of living for Queensland families.

“The only cost of living policy we have seen from the new Labor Government so far is a plan to drive up electricity costs for Queensland families by reducing competition, a plan which has been criticised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission,” he said.