“Doctor Google” case needs full and open inquiry

“Doctor Google” case needs full and open inquiry
Thursday, 21 December 2017

· Minister Steven Miles needs to direct a full and open inquiry by the Health Ombudsman
· Queenslanders deserve reassurance the system isn’t slipping back to the dark old days
· If you can’t get the basics of recruitment right, how can you deliver a world class system

The ongoing saga over the appointment of the clinical director of mental health at the Cairns Hospital continues with the Health Ombudsman refusing to confirm whether the agency will take action.

LNP Shadow Minister for Health Ros Bates called on the Minister to direct the Queensland Health Ombudsman to conduct a full and open investigation into this matter and make those findings public.

“I am calling on Minister Steven Miles to stop hiding behind media spin and direct an inquiry into this matter to reassure Queenslanders that the system isn’t broken,” Ms Bates said.

“No one wants Queensland Health to return to the bad old days and Labor need to be open and accountable about this appointment saga.

“How many other cases are like this one and have gone undetected?

“How was he registered to practice here in the first place given the issues raised in the UK and how can we be sure that patient safety hasn’t already been compromised?

“If Labor can’t get the basics of recruitment right, how can Queenslanders trust them to deliver a world-class health system that puts patient welfare first?”

Ms Bates said the new Minister had been ducking for cover since the appointment bungle was uncovered by the LNP Opposition and needed to reassure Queenslanders that the system wasn’t broken.

“The Queensland Health blame game seems to be in full swing and serious questions need to be answered,” Ms Bates said.

“No one believes Minister Miles’ version of events that the appointment process was suspended before the truth was uncovered in the media.

“Labor are renowned for covering up problems with the health system – from bungled payroll systems to fake Tahitian princes ripping millions out of the department seemingly undetected,” Ms Bates said.

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