Emerald Child Safety goes from strength to strength


* 80 per cent of cases were completed within the required 60 day timeframe

* 35 active carers in the region for children who can’t live at home

* Case plans for children in case is up over 90 per cent

The latest child safety data has shown Emerald child safety is outperforming the majority of the state on number of caseloads, case timeframes and number of children in care.

LNP Shadow Child Safety Minister Ros Bates said it was incredibly encouraging to see such positive results in the Emerald region.

“We are seeing small caseloads and smaller numbers of children in the child safety system in the Emerald region,” Ms Bates said.

“There are 35 active carers in the region doing amazing things for children who cannot live at home anymore.

“It’s great to see the number of kin carers in the area putting up their hand to care for family.

“The child safety staff in Emerald are working incredibly hard with 80 per cent of cases completed within the required 60 day timeframe.

Ms Bates despite the positive numbers in the region more could still be done to ensure the long-term benefits

“The caseload for Emerald is high at 20.8 per cent for ongoing intervention but the results look good and show signs of improvement,” Ms Bates said.

“In other parts of Queensland we see a child safety system in crisis, with some of the worst figures since before the Commission of Inquiry into Child Safety.

“Behind every one of these figures is a child in need of protection and assistance.

“While Labor dithers, children suffer and our child safety system spirals further into crisis.”

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