· Labor and Crossbench MPs protect disgraced Child Safety Minister Shannon Fentiman

· Queenslanders have lost all confidence in Shannon Fentiman

· Shannon Fentiman has overseen the darkest chapter in child safety history but continues to put her hand out to collect her hefty pay packet

The Palaszczuk Labor Government and the crossbench have voted to put their own interests ahead of thousands of vulnerable kids across the state.

Shadow Child Safety Minister Ros Bates said a protection racket was being run on disgraced Child Safety Minister Shannon Fentiman.

She said the LNP moved a no-confidence motion tonight against Minister Fentiman who has overseen one of the darkest chapters in child safety history.

“How many more kids need to die before Annastcaia Palaszczuk actually has the spine to do something,” Ms Bates said.

“It is also disgraceful the likes of Robbie Katter, Shane Knuth and Billy Gordon voted with this pathetic Palaszczuk Labor Government to save this utterly incompetent minister.

“Obviously the thousands of at-risk kids in the electorates of Mt Isa, Dalrymple and Cook simply don’t matter to their elected representatives.”

Ms Bates said Queenslanders had lost all confidence in the Minister as she lurched from crisis to crisis, cover-up to cover-up and lie to lie.

“How can this minister sleep at night knowing she is underperforming and putting the lives of thousands of kids at risk?” she said.

“You could tell by the calibre of Labor speakers during the motion debate that her own party don’t really have confidence in her.

“Instead of taking responsibility, Shannon Fentiman continues to blame bureaucrats for failing under her watch and they are sick to death of it.”