At the Council meeting of 19 August, it was resolved to acquire land to enable construction of a new link road, Panorama Drive, connecting Gemvale Road to Marchmont Drive/Royston Crescent at Reedy Creek. 

Panorama Drive is a new two-lane urban road link that will improve connectivity of existing and new residential estates and schools in the area.

Panorama Drive is being constructed to cater for increased traffic volumes as a result of urban growth along Old Coach Road, Gemvale Drive and Stapley Drive.

A new road link will reduce travel time and congestion for residents of the Observatory estate.

The project consists of approximately 700 metres of new road, including a new signalised intersection connecting Gemvale Road to the eastern end and a connection to Varsity Heights residential estate at the western end.

There is also a provision of a roundabout to provide a school set down area and rear access to King’s Christian College. King’s Christian College is funding the increase in costs to the project to provide the roundabout and set down area.