Grinch de Brenni steals Christmas from domestic violence victims

Grinch de Brenni steals Christmas from domestic violence victims

  • Housing Minister putting domestic violence victims and their children out on the street for Christmas
  • Why is Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence allowing this to happen?
  • The Premier needs to step in and overrule her incompetent Ministers

Domestic violence victims will be kicked out on the street at Christmas because Labor Minister Mick de Brenni refuses to see through bureaucratic red tape.

LNP Shadow Minister for Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Ros Bates said Mick de Brenni was placing women’s lives at risk over nothing more than a silly housing rule.

“Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk needs to step in fix this mess before helpless victims are thrown out onto the street,” said Ms Bates.

“The Gold Coast has no vacancies at the inn when it comes to crisis accommodation for escaping victims and their families.

“Minister de Brenni hasn’t even bothered to come and see for himself the great work the team at My Friends’ Place are doing to help victims of domestic violence escape dangerous homes and resettle into a new life.”

LNP Member for Gaven Sid Cramp said he was disgusted at how heartless the Minister had been in dismissing the plight of this hardworking local group.

“Victims of domestic violence need help and support like that being offered through My Friends’ Place, not to be kicked in the guts and thrown out on the street,” said Mr Cramp.

“I am not going to stop fighting to see that common sense prevails over Labor’s bureaucratic red tape.”

My Friends’ Place secretary Kate Armstrong said the most upsetting aspect was that the Minister was simply misinformed.

“His comments in relation to our organisation were factually incorrect and could have been avoided had he even bothered to consult with us,” said Ms Armstrong.

“As the Housing Minister, he is responsible for solving this problem.

“I am imploring the Minister to please offer a workable solution, then we can all move on.”

Ms Bates said it is clear that Ministers de Brenni and Fentiman are either unable or unwilling to come to a workable solution and it is now up to the Premier to step in and stop the impending eviction of women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

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