Health Minister admonished for desperate tirade against Bates

Today in the Queensland Parliament a tirade launched by Health Minister Cameron Dick against the credibility of Member for Mudgeeraba and registered nurse Ros Bates last year was deemed by the Speaker of the House to be “neither measured nor correctly informed” following months of controversy.

Ms Bates, who was sensationally accused by Mr Dick of working as a nurse and breaching patient confidentiality when visiting Gold Coast University and Robina Hospitals, was said to have been “rightly aggrieved” by Speaker Peter Wellington.

“On the material available to me, I believe that the Minister’s statement on 11 November 2015 was neither measured nor correctly informed and the Member for Mudgeeraba was rightly aggrieved at the Minister’s comments,” Mr Wellington told the Parliament.

“There was insufficient care taken by the Minister about the Member’s actions and reputation.

“I accept the Minister’s explanation on that matter; however, I note that had the Minister taken the opportunity for a more fulsome apology to the Member at that time it may have brought this matter to an early close.”

Ms Bates said Mr Dick should be ashamed of his comments.

“We have a Health Minister who, for five months, has repeatedly put his own ambition and ego ahead of the truth in a shameful saga for nothing more than political gain.

“We have a Health Minister who has repeatedly attacked the nursing profession in this State and turned the hard work of our nurses and healthcare professionals into a political distraction.

“Cameron Dick is a do-nothing, know-nothing Minister and this saga has been an absolute embarrassment for this Labor Government.”

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