At my request, Traffic Engineers from the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) are pursuing alternative signal phasing which is aimed at improving safety and maintaining traffic flow at the intersection of Gold Coast-Springbrook Road and Somerset Drive.

The phasing sequence will be changed so that the right turn green signal follows the through traffic phase on Gold Coast–Springbrook Road. This will mean that after east and westbound traffic flow through the intersection, westbound traffic will be stopped and vehicles will be able to turn right with the green arrow.

This phasing is expected to reduce motorists taking risks turning right during peak travel times.

New software is required to be installed to allow the above changes to the traffic signal phasing, with these phasing changes expected to be undertaken mid-2014. After the changes are introduced, the intersection will continue to be monitored to determine whether additional changes are needed.

Once the changes are implemented, the Somerset Drive intersection signals will operate in a similar manner to Hardys Road intersection signals.