Students from Merrimac State School schools will have more opportunities to achieve better results and increase their job prospects as part of the Government’s plan to give more state schools a greater say in how they are run.

Member for Mudgeeraba Ros Bates has congratulated Merrimac State being named among 50 Queensland state schools to become Independent Public Schools next year.

Ms Bates said Merrimac State School was selected from more than 80 expressions of interest state wide and would be one of 130 total Independent Public Schools in Queensland next year.

“With greater input from parents, teachers and community members, Merrimac State School will have more freedom to shape their own direction and make decisions that will directly benefit their students,” she said.

“The Government went to the election promising 120 Independent Public Schools by 2016 and we’ve not only delivered that commitment a year early, but we’ve exceeded our target.

“We’ve now decided to extend our target to 250 Independent Public Schools by 2017, so even more Mudgeeraba schools will have a chance for more autonomy under this Government.

“This is all part of our strong plan for a brighter future for Mudgeeraba’s schools, because we know that a strong education means jobs for our kids.”

Ms Bates said the Independent Public School initiative was one of the many ways the Queensland Government was reducing red tape and allowing local decision making in order to boost the education outcomes of students.

“Our local schools are already enjoying a great deal of autonomy and a number of new measures have been announced recently to further reduce the administrative burden for all state schools,” Ms Bates said.

“Merrimac State School will all receive an additional $50,000 to assist with the change and an extra $50,000 in funding each year for administrative purposes.

“The Government’s vision is to give Mudgeeraba kids the best education in Australia. Our strong plan for education will mean better learning and employment outcomes for children in Mudgeeraba.”

Merrimac State School Principal Dr Randall Pointing said the Independent Public Schools initiative would improve education outcomes for Merrimac State School students.

“The Independent Public Schools initiative recognises that the best decision making often happens at the local level,” Dr Pointing said.

“By embracing independence, our school will have greater autonomy in the decisions that are made to deliver the best possible outcomes for our students and our community.

“As one of 130 Independent Public Schools, our school will benefit from enhanced local governance, opportunities for innovation, a locally tailored workforce, increased financial flexibility and less red tape.”