The Palaszczuk-Gordon Labor Government today revealed it has no plans to address the stagnant and putrid nature of Mudgeeraba Creek between the M1 and Somerset Drive, instead making false claims about the former LNP Government’s pre-election commitment to revitalise the Creek.

In his response to a Question in Parliament from Member for Mudgeeraba Ros Bates in which the Government refuses to clean up Mudgeeraba Creek, the Minister for Environment claimed the former LNP Government’s plans to restore the Creek were “wholly planned around the sale of assets.”

Ms Bates said the Minister’s response showed the Labor Government has no plan to restore the local environment in Mudgeeraba.

“The Labor Minister for Environment has been caught out telling porky pies after claiming the former LNP Government’s commitment to upgrade Mudgeeraba Creek was based on asset sales, which is simply not the case,” Ms Bates said.

“The former LNP Government was committed to spending $100,000 to revitalise Mudgeeraba Creek if an LNP Government had been re-elected, as the funding was already set aside by the Cabinet Budget Review Committee.

“I would hope the L-plated Minister now knows what a Cabinet Budget Review Committee is, and it is obvious that he has ignored the concerns of locals for the upcoming State Budget.

“This is simply another example of the Labor Government making it up as they go along and falsely using their union mates’ propaganda on non-existent asset sales as an excuse to ignore the funding needs of LNP electorates like Mudgeeraba.”

Mudgeeraba resident Lucy Moss said she was disappointed the Labor Government was unconcerned by the state of Mudgeeraba Creek, which she says used to be a local environmental attraction.

“We used to have all kinds of wildlife in our Creek but it has been stagnant for a long time, often causing flooding due to blockages and omitting foul odors,” said Ms Moss.

“Mudgeeraba Creek desperately needs to be restored but sadly, under the Labor Government, it looks like we’ll be waiting even longer for this problem to be fixed.”