Labor again fails to protect vulnerable women and children

Tuesday, 5 September 2017


  • Two dangerous breaches in DV and child safety protocols under Labor put women and children’s lives at risk
  • Palaszczuk Government sends personal details of DV victim to alleged attacker and another DV victim finds out her attacker has been released via social media
  • Why did the Premier order yet another review rather than sacking her two ministers?



Two families at risk of domestic violence have been further endangered by the Palaszczuk Government’s bungling.

LNP Leader Tim Nicholls said today’s revelations of serious protocol breaches in the two cases were more shocking evidence of Labor failing to protect vulnerable Queenslanders.

“Yet again today we saw Annastacia Palaszczuk and two of her ministers stand in Queensland Parliament and blame everyone else but themselves for mistakes that put the lives of two women and children at risk,” Mr Nicholls said.

“The buck stops with the Ministers and the Premier.

“One of these women had her whereabouts and children’s personal details sent to her alleged violent attacker in prison, and the second woman only discovered her attacker had been released on parole through Facebook.

“Let’s not mince words – both of these breaches could have led to the death of another Queensland woman at the hands of a violent partner or the abduction of vulnerable children.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk’s response was to commission yet another review that will most likely be kept secret from Queenslanders.

“Once more, this weak Premier failed the test of leadership by taking no action against Ministers who’ve lost control of their portfolios and neglected their primary duty of keeping Queenslanders safe.

“How can the Premier continue to have confidence in Corrective Services Minister Mark Ryan when he can’t even properly implement for DV victims new parole alert laws, six months after they were passed by Parliament?

“Not to mention Minister Ryan’s appalling recent manipulation of the Pullen family at a media conference, where he knew one of their son’s killers was set to be released from jail.

“How can the Premier stand by Child Safety Minister Shannon Fentiman when at least nine children in care have died in suspicious circumstances on her watch – and today we learn of an outrageous privacy breach which has left a woman and her children desperately fleeing danger after promises they would be protected?”

LNP Shadow Minister for Child Safety Ros Bates said she would continue to pressure the State Government to ensure frontline child safety and domestic violence workers received the resources they needed.

“Earlier this year the LNP stood shoulder to shoulder with grieving mothers including Bonnie Mobbs, Dale Shales and Sonia Anderson, who all lost daughters to DV-related killings,” Ms Bates said.

“Their personal tragedies motivated these mums to call for tougher laws – and we pushed Labor from Opposition to get new laws into place.

“But six months later, victims have been left in the dark about new parole alert laws because Mark Ryan’s department is dragging the chain on informing victims groups.

“The Department’s own website hasn’t even been updated to let victims know their notification rights when an offender is set to be released.

“These are life and death issues for terrified women and their children and Labor spends a day in Parliament scaremongering on asset sales and discussing a new fence for a rail track.

“Shame on Annastacia Palaszczuk and this do-nothing government.”