Labor’s decision to accept the vote of the Member for Cook by rejecting an essential change in the voting orders of State Parliament has dismissed all chance of new standards in the house.

Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg said the Premier had an opportunity to distance herself from the disgraced Member for Cook but instead embraced him and welcomed him back into the fold.

“If you witnessed the camaraderie, the handshakes and smiles between Labor MP’s, Ministers and the Member for Cook around the Parliamentary precinct today; you would be forgiven for thinking nothing had changed,” Mr Springborg said.

“The Premier had the opportunity to usher in new standards tonight but instead Labor exposed its true standards.

“In April the Premier said the Member for Cook was not a fit person to stand in this House, she took out a full page advertisement calling for the Member for Cook to quit.

“Now when given the opportunity to prove she meant what she said she crumbled and embraced the Member’s vote.

“The LNP had made it clear it wanted a bi-partisan approach to reject the vote of the Member for Cook.

The Opposition moved a motion to amend voting procedures that would have enabled both the Government and Opposition to take into consideration the Member for Cook’s vote before casting their own, effectively cancelling his vote. The motion was defeated.

“Tonight Labor had a chance to stand for its professed principles, for its much flouted accountability and transparency, but clearly none of that is important.

“The Premier made it clear the Member for Cook was not fit to be in the Labor Party, but she declares him fit enough to take his vote.

“It is a clear indication of how Labor will govern in this State; with transparency and accountability been shown the door.