The new Labor Government has been again slammed by LNP Member for Mudgeeraba Ros Bates after it was revealed they took credit for another LNP initiative.

The former LNP Government launched the New Generation Rollingstock (NGR) project when in Government which saw will see a significant increase to the train fleet to meet the growing demand for rail services, including at Robina train station.

As part of this project, Robina train station received four new 6 car train stabling facilities to store new trains, but Ms Bates says Labor have already taken credit for this LNP achievement.

“The former LNP Government delivered this new transport infrastructure for Robina train station, but as usual, the Labor Party have attempted to rewrite history and take credit where credit is not due,” said Ms Bates.

“The New Generation Rollingstock project was fought for, funded and delivered by the LNP, and announced by the ALP.

“Whilst the LNP improved public transport and reduced fares in my electorate, the Labor Party as usual are simply taking credit for LNP achievements.”