The Palaszczuk-Gordon Government’s internal issues have once again spilled into the public arena, with the Premier and her most senior Ministers at odds over the supposed impacts of the Federal Budget.

Health Minister Cameron Dick refused to rule out job losses in Queensland Health, while Annastacia Palaszczuk refused to rule job losses in, but warned about diminished service delivery. This was just hours after Curtis Pitt said there would be no cuts to jobs or service delivery.

Deputy Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek said the entire debacle was incredibly embarrassing for the Labor Government and again proved it was just making things up on the run.

“It’s a bit hard to take the Palaszczuk-Gordon Government seriously when they can’t even agree on what they’re crying wolf about,” Mr Langbroek said.

“If there were real implications of the Federal Budget on Queensland Health jobs you would expect the Premier, Treasurer and Health Minister to be across the detail.

“The worst part is that there would be thousands of Queenslanders out there who don’t know where they stand – they don’t know if their jobs are safe because this Labor Government can’t make up its mind.”

Mr Langbroek said this latest blunder wasn’t the first time the Premier had been at odds with one of her Labor Members in the last week.

“On Tuesday, Annastacia Palaszczuk refused to even talk about frontline jobs after her Energy Minister claimed that all jobs were considered ‘frontline’ under Labor,” he said.

“A week ago the Member for Mirani and chair of the Government’s resources and infrastructure committee stood up in Parliament and launched into a tirade against the mining industry, forcing the Premier and her Mines Minister to defend the bizarre outburst.

“If the Premier can’t manage her own team then how can we expect Annastacia Palaszczuk to govern the state? `

“This Labor Government has not shown a shred of credibility since it was sworn in almost 100 days ago.

“All we’ve seen so far is an inexperienced government, making incompetent decisions because it’s completely distracted by internal issues. Queenslanders deserve better.”