After a week of internal issues plaguing the Palaszczuk-Gordon Government, the Premier is potentially facing a by-election in the seat of Bundamba after rumoured in-fighting with Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller.

Minister Miller is rumoured to be threatening to spark a by-election should the Premier force her to apologise for contacting a witness involved in the current police investigation into the Member for Pumicestone. 

Shadow Police Minister Jarrod Bleijie said these latest murmurings signal a government in crisis and Queenslanders will be wondering how much longer they have to put up with this circus.

“Labor has been in turmoil all week after allegations of threats and forgery were published about the Member for Pumicestone,” Mr Bleijie said.

“In what can only be described, at best as a serious lack of judgment, the Police Minister contacted a key witness involved in the investigation.

“This inappropriate interference is a very serious matter as it could be in breach of criminal law and while the Premier sticks her head in the sand, I referred Minister Miller to the Police Commissioner and the Crime and Corruption Commission.

“The Premier talks about honesty and integrity but if she was serious she would sack her Police Minister.”

Mr Bleijie said Labor is limping from one crisis to another and while the only priority for this Palasczcuk-Gordon Government is paying back its debt to union bosses, Queenslanders suffer.

“This week Labor voted to keep a 3.5 per cent increase to the cost of car registration,” Mr Bleijie said.

“Despite this increase being two and a half times the inflation rate, Labor’s Member for Bundaberg Leanne Donaldson told her local paper today it is ‘not technically an increase’.

“This is an insult to Bundaberg families and proves how out-of-touch and incompetent this Labor Government is.”

Mr Bleijie said on top of slugging motorists, Labor also pushed through new IR laws in the dead of night in order to pay back its union bosses disregarding privacy concerns for public servants.

“This government continues to be defined by its own self-obsession bungles, incompetence and inexperience. Queenslanders deserve better.”