$1.6M for upgrade to Beechmont Road commenced

BEECHMONT ROAD UPDATE – Another win for people power

$1.6 million has been allocated for safety improvements which includes shoulder widening on the one-way section between Elimbah Court and Jardine Road and installation of guardrail and rubrail.

Design will start in the New Year for these projects on Beechmont Road. The design process is expected to be completed in mid-2017, with construction to be undertaken in the 2017-18 financial year.

Around $600,000 of funding has been bought forward to install about 540 metres of rubrail (for motorcyclist’s safety) on existing guardrail at six locations on Beechmont Road. The location of the rubrail is at high risk locations for motorcyclists between the intersection of Nerang–Murwillumbah Road and Ingham Street.

This work will start tomorrow (15 December 2016).

Motorists can expect short delays during the rubrail installation on Beechmont Road.



Labor finally commits to installing guardrails on Beechmont Road

It took a yearlong community campaign and 3 fatalities since Labor took office

This is a win for people power and the community

The Labor Government has caved into months of political pressure and announced a quick fix solution to a string of fatal and near fatal accidents on Beechmont Road.

Member for Mudgeeraba Ros Bates and Member for Beaudesert Jon Krause slammed the Labor Government for their inaction over 14 months in power, during which more fatal accidents had occurred.

“After a yearlong community campaign and a string of fatal and near fatal accidents on Beechmont Road, the Labor Government has finally recognised we need to do something about Beechmont Road – a win for people power and the community,” said Ms Bates.

“Since this Labor Government took office in 2015, there have been 26 reported accidents on Beechmont Road, in which 23 people were injured and three people lost their lives.

“Since 2009 there have been 93 reported accidents on Beechmont Road, including five fatalities and 77 injuries.

“This Labor Government has dragged its heels for months, as more and more people lost their lives on this dangerous road, refusing to commit any funding despite my repeated calls.

“This guardrail installation is long overdue, and I’m sorry to see it took three fatalities to convince this Minister to finally do something to protect our motorists.”

Mr Krause said it had taken a year of political pressure to convince the Labor Government to cobble together a plan.

“For over a year, we have called on this Labor Government to do something about Beechmont Road, but it took another series of accidents for them to finally realise they had to act,” said Mr Krause.

“The local community is fed up with their safety taking a back seat to politics and I’m pleased to see we have finally shamed the Government into making this road safer.”

Better Roads for Beechmont chairman Greg McKenzie said he was pleased to see a long overdue funding commitment.

“The communities of Lower Beechmont and Beechmont are pleased to finally see some action on Beechmont Road,” said Mr McKenzie.

“We thank our hardworking local Members for all they’ve done in Parliament and in the media to get this safety upgrade delivered.”

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