Labor has left the Mudgeeraba electorate with very little to celebrate at the year’s end, after a year of backflips, bungles and broken promises.

Member for Mudgeeraba, Ros Bates MP said 2015 had been a year of stagnation under the Labor Government which had reversed any progress the LNP had made over the previous three years to help Mudgeeraba reach its full potential.

“Labor has had since February to get its act together, but all we’ve seen so far are 80 reviews with pre-empted outcomes, recycled LNP policies and union bosses’ interference,” Ms Bates said.

“Rego and power bills have skyrocketed, the Government has enforced an infrastructure freeze, economic uncertainty is rife and Queenslanders are paying the price for an inexperienced, do-nothing Labor Government.”

Ms Bates said Labor’s lack of plan for Mudgeeraba was holding Queensland back, while the LNP had a real economic plan to unleash Queensland’s potential.

“The LNP went to the election with fully costed and audited election commitments which included flashing school zone lights for local schools, cleaning up Mudgeeraba Creek, and CCTV cameras and signage to address hooning in the Numinbah Valley,” she said.

“While these commitments would have cost less than $600,000, Labor has scrapped every one of them as they prove time and again they have no plan for our local area.

“We have also seen Labor shamelessly take credit for LNP achievements like the $5 million Gooding Drive roundabout upgrade, the $1 million John Stacey suspension bridge at Purlingbrook Falls, and the approval of Pacific View Estate at Worongary which their Labor candidate opposed during the election campaign.

“We have seen project after project stalled for our local area, with an upgrade of the M1 between Robina and Reedy Creek struggling to get off the ground after Labor forgot to ask for Federal funding before the Budget.

“All Labor has delivered Mudgeeraba residents in 2015 are flawed election commitments and the broken promises are piling up.

“This is what happens when you don’t have a plan and make up policy on the run.

“It’s bad for the economy, bad for jobs and bad for Queensland.

“Queenslanders didn’t vote for this.”