The Palaszczuk Labor Government has been accused of being sneaky after it sent misleading information about Workers Compensation Laws to rural volunteer firefighters.

Shadow Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services Jarrod Bleijie said Labor had purposely left out important details of its amendments in the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 in a desperate attempt to garner support.

“There are currently two Bills before the Parliament dealing with presumptive legislation for firefighters, one introduced by the LNP and one from the Labor Government,” Mr Bleijie said.

“Unfortunately, Labor’s proposed laws will discriminate against our selfless volunteer firefighters, requiring them to attend 150 fires before being covered for contracting one of 12 specified cancers in the course of protecting the community.

“Under the LNP’s Private Members Bill, volunteer, part time and full time firefighters will all be covered, without the ridiculous fire quota.

“It was downright deceitful for the Palaszczuk Government to leave this out of the information it sent to rural firies.

“This tricky move is yet another reason why Queenslanders can’t trust the Palaszczuk Government.”

Mr Bleijie said adding further insult to injury was that Labor had used a photo of a New South Wales Rural Fire Service volunteer in its email instead of a Queensland volunteer.

“They couldn’t even be bothered to get a photo of a Queenslander, someone who will actually be impacted by this law, to include in their spin,” he said.

“This is yet another embarrassing blunder under Police, Fire and Emergency Services Minister Jo-Ann Miller’s watch. It’s time for Ms Miller to go.”

Mr Bleijie said like the rest of Queensland, the LNP respected the hard work, dedication and innate sense of selflessness rural firies display on a daily basis, protecting lives and property around the state.

“There are 35,000 volunteer fire fighters in Queensland and the LNP’s legislation will protect all fire fighters – irrespective of pay status or the colour of the fire engine,” he said.

“The LNP’s changes will provide the highest level of support in the country.

“Labor owes it to Queenslanders to support the LNP’s Bill so our rural firies get the level of support they deserve.”