Labor must do more to create jobs

The LNP has welcomed the latest jobs figures showing Queensland’s unemployment rate has fallen in both trend and seasonally adjusted measures.

Shadow Treasurer John-Paul Langbroek said while it was reassuring to see the unemployment rate fall, it was still stubbornly high, above the national average.

“Queensland continues to have the third highest unemployment rate in the country, behind South Australia and Tasmania,” Mr Langbroek said.

“In seasonally adjusted figures, there were 5,400 full-time jobs lost last month and a drop in the participation rate, meaning more people have stopped looking for work.

“So while the overall rate is down, when you look at the data you can see that the situation is still far from rosy and the Palaszczuk Labor Government has a lot of work to do.”

Mr Langbroek said with Labor’s first Budget to be handed down in a matter of days, the pressure was on for them to keep their election commitments and create jobs.

“All we’ve seen in the last five months is a Labor Government dogged by inexperience, incompetence and internal party issues,” he said.

“Business confidence continues to dwindle, while the government stalls on approving projects or abandons them altogether.

“A wave of uncertainty has consumed Queensland since the election, and it is now up to Treasurer Curtis Pitt to prove he’s up to the task of handing down a Budget that delivers on the promises Labor made before the election.”

Mr Langbroek said next week’s Budget was a line in the sand for the Palaszczuk-Gordon Government.

“I sincerely hope that Treasurer Curtis Pitt has put as much thought into the pages of his first Budget as he has into the colour of the front cover,” he said.

“We already know that Labor is planning to borrow more money, despite promising to decrease debt and they’ve increased car rego by 3.5 per cent, despite promising no new or increased taxes or charges.

“Curtis Pitt’s energy merger plan has been exposed as a dud by the consumer watchdog and he’s tried to claim Queensland’s economy was in a recession one week, and booming the next.

“This Labor Government has not given Queenslanders the government they voted for.”

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