Despite claiming it has made education a top priority, the Queensland Labor Government has cut hundreds of millions of dollars from Queensland classrooms.

Shadow Education Minister Tim Mander said the LNP was to directly pay schools $299 million in Federal funding next year but in the Palaszczuk Labor budget the money had disappeared.

“This money was to be paid directly to schools to improve the numeracy and literacy levels of Queensland kids,” Mr Mander said.

“The Great Results Guarantee, introduced by the LNP Government was making a real difference because all Queensland schools had to commit to a plan to improve numeracy and literacy for students.

“Funding was provided directly to schools to give them the autonomy to tailor education programs to meet the specific needs of their individual students.”

Mr Mander said Labor had also scrapped the Great Teacher=Great Results initiative which would have a direct effect on student’s results.

“This $537 million LNP initiative focused on three crucial education areas; professional excellence in teaching, boosting school autonomy and discipline.

“While the LNP was committed to rewarding the best teachers and creating better student outcomes Labor doesn’t see this as a priority.

“Every Principal I have spoken to has praised the effectives of these programs to boost education outcomes for their students.”

Mr Mander said it wasn’t just school students who were affected by Curtis Pitt’s cuts with Labor slashing more than $90 million from TAFE Queensland.

“During the election campaign Labor said they would rescue TAFE, but this significant cut means you can’t trust a thing the Premier or Treasurer says.

“Last budget the LNP allocated over $714.8 million to TAFE Queensland and now Labor has cut that to $624.6 million.

“Queensland students and teachers have every right to feel let down by this inexperienced Treasurer and Labor Government.”