Member for Mudgeeraba, Ros Bates MP has slammed the Labor Government for standing in the way of the revitalisation of Springbrook Mountain Manor, accusing them of deliberately stalling investment in the hinterland community.

In a press release on the 31 July 2015 the Labor Minister for National Parks, Steven Miles had the audacity to say that:

“Last year, the LNP Government decided to sell it. Tenders closed back in December 2014 but the LNP could not finalise a sale.”

Ms Bates said that despite having a buyer prior to the election, Labor dragged its feet for months and intentionally let the purchase fall through.

“This Labor Government deliberately stalled the sale of Springbrook Mountain Manor as part of its agenda to pay back Green votes,” said Ms Bates.

“Since the election, I had two new genuine parties express interest in purchasing Springbrook Mountain Manor which the Labor Government ignored, instead opting for a restrictive leasing arrangement which ensured the Manor would not be a financially viable project for either party.

“As a result, neither party tendered for the lease.

“This is history repeating itself. The previous lessees handed in the lease to the LNP Government as the Bligh Government’s restrictions on the original lease made it unworkable and ensured failure and financial ruin.

“This is yet another example of a Labor Government with trainer wheels on, who haven’t learnt from past mistakes and continue to pander to the economic green vandals in Springbrook