Queensland motorists will be slugged with a registration increase twice the level of inflation as the Palaszczuk-Gordon Government uses car owners as cash cows.

Shadow Transport Minister Scott Emerson said the massive hike will see Queensland become the most expensive state in Australia to own a car.

“This comes as no surprise that Labor wants to slug motorists,” Mr Emerson said.

“It is a return to the bad old days under Labor when car registrations went up 30 per cent in their last four years in office.

“That was when Annastacia Palaszczuk was Transport Minister. Now that she is Premier, she wants to start slugging motorists again and using them as cash cows.”

Registration costs for four-cylinder cars will jump from $328.90 to $340.40, while a six-cylinder car will increase from $492.30 to $509.50, excluding insurance costs from 1st July 2015.

Mr Emerson said in comparison the LNP’s record when in Government was to freeze family car registration over three years.

“We understood the pressures put on motorists and worked hard to be fair to them,” he said.

“At the same time as the LNP froze family car registration, it also saw record spending on the Bruce Highway and work beginning for the Toowoomba Second Range crossing among dozens of other significant road projects across Queensland,” he said.

“This week we saw Labor trying to talk down the Queensland economy and today we see one of their pre-budget announcements is to slug motorists.

“This is another example of a Government with no plan, no initiatives and making it up as they go.
“I don’t believe Queensland voted for massive hikes in registration fees.”