The Palaszczuk Labor Government has denied parents the ability to identify child sex offenders living in their neighbourhood.

The LNP tonight called for Labor to support its plan for major child-safety reforms, which would have also empowered parents to check the background of anyone who has regular unsupervised access to their children.

LNP Leader Deb Frecklington condemned Labor’s refusal to back the plan for a public child sex offenders’ register to strengthen the safety of children in Queensland.

“As a mum of three girls, I believe the community has a right to this information,” Ms Frecklington said.

“Ignoring tougher, responsible laws that would protect children from serial violent pedophiles shows the Palaszczuk Government can’t be trusted to protect kids.

“Labor has failed to protect the community, but I will take our plan to keep children safe to the 2020 election.”

The LNP’s plan for a public sex offender register is backed by Sharon Tomlinson and Stephen Cohen, who survived horrific sexual attacks by pedophile Robert John Fardon.

“It has also been backed by leading child safety advocate Bravehearts,” Ms Frecklington said.

“Fardon was released into the community without even a GPS tracker thanks to the Palaszczuk Government.

“Even worse, he was originally housed in the same street as a local primary school and next to a kindergarten in Salisbury. 

“Parents deserve to know if an offender like Fardon is living in their neighbourhood.

“Only the LNP’s plan puts victims first and lets parents take extra safeguards to protect their kids.”

Following Labor’s snub of these crucial child-safety reforms, LNP Shadow Police Minister Trevor Watts said the public child sex offender legislation would be introduced if the LNP wins the next state election in October 2020.

“We wanted bipartisan support for this plan because protecting children is more important than protecting the anonymity of pedophiles,” Mr Watts said.

“The LNP’s plan also included strong safeguards to prevent vigilante action against sex offenders.

“The use of similar laws in Western Australia and the UK shows that they are effective and are used responsibly by the community.

“If one child is prevented from becoming the victim of sexual abuse then these laws will be worth it.”