Every Labor MP has tonight voted to increase the cost of car registration by two-and-a-half times the inflation rate, costing drivers up to $600 a year from 1 July.

Shadow Transport Minister Scott Emerson said the LNP had moved a disallowance motion to stop the 3.5 per cent increase to car registration and the Palaszczuk-Gordon Government voted it down.

“Tonight every single Labor MP and the Member for Cook, Billy Goprdon, has let down their constituents by allowing such an unfair increase,” Mr Emerson said.

“Every Member of Parliament had an opportunity to ensure Queensland drivers did not pay too much for car registration and it is disappointing that every Labor MP chose to slug motorists.

“It would come as no surprise if Labor MPs were tomorrow inundated with constituents in their electorate seeking an explanation as to why they voted to keep such an unfair cost hike.

“Queenslanders are already struggling to keep up with every day household bills and tonight the Palaszczuk-Gordon Government’s lack of a plan has seen a direct hit to the pockets of motorists.

Mr Emerson said Labor is continuing its legacy of making motorists pay more for car registration.

“The former Labor Government increased registration by 30 per cent in their last four years in office.

“Now only 100 days back in power the Palaszczuk-Gordon Government is hiking up costs by more than double the inflation rate while the LNP froze family car registration for three years.

“I don’t think Queenslanders voted for a Government that intends to use them as cash cows to make up for its failure to manage the State Budget.”


Car type

What it was (2014-15)

If it had gone up by CPI (currently 1.4% in Brisbane)

What it will be in 2015-16 under ALP













NOTE – These costs exclude CTP and Traffic Improvement Levy, which also add to car registration bill