In Parliament today, Queenslanders have been left short-changed as the Palaszczuk-Gordon Government hid behind cheap stunts and tricks to divert attention away from its lack of a plan.

Deputy Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek said the Treasurer’s behaviour in Parliament shows he is more interested in joking around then focusing on delivering a jobs-focussed budget in less than two months’ time.

“While the Treasurer is playing the joker, Queenslanders are left wondering when business confidence will improve, when jobs will be created and how the government intends to pay down debt,” Mr Langbroek said.

“The release of Labor’s alleged ‘achievements document’ is nothing more than a litany of failures and further adds to the concern this is a Government making it up as they go.

“To avoid scrutiny about their 12 month infrastructure freeze, Labor is claiming credit for LNP projects such as the Coomera Interchange upgrade and Toowoomba Second Range.

“Under the jobs and economy section, Labor is spruiking changes to right of entry provisions as a win – this is only a win for Labor’s CFMEU mates and continues to be of huge concern for the construction industry.

“Queenslanders will miss out if this Government continues to crawl along without any policies or ideas of its own.”

Mr Langbroek said Labor also failed to provide any plan on how to tackle the growing State Penalties Enforcement Registry debt that will top $1 billion next month.

“When we came into government it was clear debt ran riot under Labor which is why the LNP came up with the SPER reform program that would overhaul the fine collection service,” he said.

“Our plan was going to reduce the debt and send a clear message to Queenslanders that if you are fined, you will need to pay.

“The Treasurer has no plan, he has no clue and to claim this was a ‘sneaky’ plan proves he was not listening in Estimates last year when the Commissioner of the Office of State Revenue spoke at length about plans to outsource the main debt collection functions carried out by SPER.

“Queenslanders voted for a responsible, adult government with substance, not one focused on magic tricks and political point scoring.”