Member for Mudgeeraba, Ros Bates MP today took aim at the Palaszczuk-Gordon Labor Government for dropping the ball on the sale of Springbrook Mountain Manor.

Last week, the Bulletin revealed two buyers lined up to buy the hinterland property had pulled out because the Labor Government “took too long” to make a decision on the property, which had been on the market by the LNP Government since late 2014.

Ms Bates questioned the Labor Party’s commitment to selling the property, accusing the Government of deliberately pandering to environmental groups in a cynical bid for Greens preferences after months of delaying a decision on The Manor.

“Was this the Labor Party’s ‘cunning plan’ all along to hold up the sale of The Manor whilst it panders to the ‘green needle of death’ in a payback for Greens votes?” she asked.

“The ALP say they are supportive of tourism on the Gold Coast so they need to put their money where their mouths are and reopen tenders for the Manor.

“I am calling on Minister for National Parks Steven Miles to guarantee that the Manor will not be leased to green groups such as the Australian Rainforest Conservation Society at peppercorn rents of $1 a year, as has occurred in the past.

“We have already seen over $40 million of taxpayers’ money wasted on a ‘buy-back’ with no environmental outcomes for Springbrook and in the meantime, the public are coughing up over $65,000 a year for a ranger to be on site to care take the Manor to prevent vandalism and squatters.

“Are we seeing a sneaky plan by this Labor Government to take us back to the bad old days under the Beattie and Bligh Governments where secret deals were done for Greens preferences?

“The Minister needs to come clean on what the future holds for the business community in Springbrook.”

Wayne Randall from the Mouse’s House Rainforest Retreat said the Springbrook economy desperately needs a boost through the Manor’s sale.

“The Springbrook economy relies on tourism and it’s important that tourism draw cards like Springbrook Manor are able to be revitalised through their sale to private buyers and in turn employ more locals,” he said.