The Palaszczuk Labor Government must explain why the delivery of a new mental health unit promised for Mackay before the last election has been delayed by 12 months.

Last October – just two days before the state election was called – then Health Minister Cameron Dick said the new mental health facility would be opened in June 2018.*

Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates said an LNP question had now forced the Palaszczuk Labor Government to come clean and admit the planned unit will not actually open until June 2019.**

“When it comes to health, Labor’s promises are paper-thin,” Ms Bates said.

“Before the election, Labor was patting itself on the back and promising new facilities in Mackay.

“Now we can see just how hollow Labor’s election promises are. They say one thing before an election and do another after.

“This Government’s health priorities are all wrong. The new Health Minister Steven Miles is more interested in changing the names of hospitals than delivering better care for patients.

“No wonder we’re seeing ED and surgery waiting times rise and more patients affected by ambulance ramping.”

The new 10-bed Step Up, Step Down (SUSD) unit planned for Mackay will provide support for patients who are at risk of in-patient admission or are transitioning back into the community from in-patient care.

“Facilities like this unit are needed across Queensland,” Ms Bates said.

“It’s a shame this incompetent Labor Government can’t keep its election promises and deliver them on schedule.

“This is just another example of how Health Minister Steven Miles isn’t up to the job and should be sacked.”

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