Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg said the legality of Labor’s Union Encouragement Policy is uncertain following comments made by Treasurer Curtis Pitt in Parliament today.

“During Question Time, we asked Mr Pitt whether the personal information of new government employees can legally be sent to union bosses under the encouragement policy,” Mr Springborg said.

“His response was, ‘Legally we are unable to provide that information’.

“This revelation from the Treasurer will create even more angst for thousands of public servants already worried about their privacy and independence under Labor’s Union Encouragement Policy.

“Yesterday, Mr Pitt refused to confirm whether a new government employee could opt-out of having their personal details provided to union bosses. 

“Today, he reveals the policy, that demands personal details of public servants be sent to union bosses, is apparently illegal.”

Mr Springborg said the LNP has a very different policy to Labor.

“We believe no public servant’s identifying or personal details should be handed over to union bosses without their express, written consent – that’s what real choice is,” he said.

Mr Springborg said it was time the Palaszczuk-Gordon Government stood up for Queensland public servants, not its union bosses.

“In Labor’s rush to do the bidding of its union bosses, it looks like they have introduced an illegal policy,” he said.

“I think Queenslanders voted for a Government that puts its own interests first and not work to empower unions.”