The Queensland LNP Opposition has thrown its support behind a petition calling on the Palaszczuk Government to trial body warn cameras for paramedics on the Gold Coast.

Acting Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek said the petition also called on the Labor Government to roll out an awareness campaign to educate the public on the important role of ambulance officers and paramedics in the community.

“There is no doubt that we have seen an increase in the amount of violence and aggression shown towards our frontline ambulance officers in recent years,” Mr Langbroek said.

“Action must be taken to turn this trend around and ensure our ambulance officers and paramedics can do their jobs with the confidence and support they deserve.”

Member for Gaven Sid Cramp said he was proud to sponsor the petition that shone a spotlight on the safety of frontline health workers.

“With the silly season now in full swing, the paramedics and ambulance will have their work cut out for them,” Mr Cramp said.

“There is already an element of risk involved in doing the job of an ambo, but they shouldn’t have to go to work with the fear of being assaulted.

“The LNP is determined to do everything in its power to support Queensland ambulance officers and paramedics, especially here on the Gold Coast.”

Mr Cramp said the proposed trial for the body worn cameras would be for a period of nine months, with a full review of their effectiveness to be conducted.

Principal petitioner Catherine Bayliss said the public has always been able to rely on emergency service officers and it was time to stand up for them.

“Body warn cameras are one way we can offer our ambos more security, so they can focus 100 per cent of their attention on their patients,” Ms Bayliss said.

Shadow Health Minister Mark McArdle said there were concerns that there was an increasing disregard for ambulance officers and paramedics in the community.

“These men and women are out there, on the front line, risking their own safety to save the lives of other Queenslanders,” Mr McArdle said.

“It is simply not acceptable for people to act out and threaten the safety of our hardworking paramedics and ambulance officers.

“That’s why the LNP is supporting this petition. It’s time for action to be taken to ensure our ambos can continue to save lives in a safer working environment.”

Mudgeeraba Ambulance Petition