LNP to empower not-for-profit and private sector to drive more services and jobs for QLD

Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg today outlined his vision to empower not-for-profit organisations and the private sector to deliver more community care services for Queenslanders needing a helping hand.

Speaking at the LNP State Conference, Mr Springborg said an LNP Government would trial innovative Social Benefit Bonds as a way of tackling emerging social issues, including homelessness, preventative health care and early childhood education.

As part of the LNP’s agenda to empower the not-for-profit and private sector to deliver services and create more jobs, Mr Springborg also outlined his intention to enhance the existing unsolicited proposals policy of government, to encourage the private sector to share their ideas for new services and infrastructure.

He said Queenslanders knew they had an experienced team in the LNP who knew how to guard taxpayers’ dollars and to get better value for money

“Social Benefit Bonds are an innovative way of raising funds for intensive support and preventative programs which address areas of social need,” Mr Springborg said.

“Under this trial plan, an LNP Government would identify challenging social issues and come to an agreement with a not-for-profit or social welfare organisation on how best deliver better more and services for Queenslanders.

“The Government would then secure investors interested in providing the funding needed to deliver the program.

“If the identified outcomes are achieved, there are cost savings to Government that can be used to repay that upfront investment plus an agreed financial return. The return to investors is dependent on program outcomes – the greater the outcomes the better the return.

“This is about ensuring Queenslanders are getting the maximum benefit from their hard-earned tax dollar.”

Mr Springborg said the trials would be based off similar programs in the United Kingdom, the United States, New South Wales and South Australia.

He said unsolicited proposals would encourage private organisations to come forward with ideas in the area of infrastructure and services.

“We recognise that the Government of the day does not have all the answers or necessarily the best ideas.

“Often new and better ways of delivering services; new technology and new infrastructure design is better known and better understood by the non-government sector.

“It’s vital that we do all we can to encourage this sector to come forward with their ideas and be confidence there are safeguards in place around their corporate intellectual property.

“An LNP government wants to leverage off of the expertise and innovation that exists in the private sector.

“That’s why we will invite non-government organisations to come forward with ideas in this space through unsolicited proposals.”

Mr Springborg said when in government the LNP sought to work with the private sector to improve frontline services for Queenslanders.

“Through these partnerships we were able to clear the dental long wait patient list and provide Australia’s first Wait Time Guarantee, since scrapped by the Labor government” he said.

Mr Springborg said the LNP was committed to better services for people and better value-for-money for taxpayers in the delivery of frontline services.

“Under the previous Labor government, public hospital expenditure increased by 43 per cent between 2007-08 and 2011-12 but activity only increased by 17 per cent,” he said.

“It’s not about how much money the Government spends or who delivers the program – it’s about the end result.

“By focusing on outcomes and improvements through Social Benefit Bonds, we’ll deliver better results for Queenslanders in the areas of most need.”

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