Almost 12 months to the day since the death of Mason Jet Lee and the subsequent mass sackings by Labor’s embattled Child Safety Shannon Fentiman I have been denied access to speak to child safety staff.

This is a disgrace

What is worse, more evidence has emerged of the secrecy and cover-up surrounding child safety and its complete failure to protect Mason Lee.

A recent RTI request by the LNP Opposition was rejected this week on the grounds releasing it was not in the public interest.

This alone is a travesty, however it can now be revealed that the original report prepared by the Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) was changed by the Department of Child Safety.

In refusing the request for all reports by the QFCC that were sent to the Department, the RTI response document does show the report sent was later changed and not the same as the final report.

The QFCC is an independent body designed to hold the Department accountable and monitor system child protection issues.

Queenslanders should be outraged to know that the secretive and crisis-riddled child safety department is running roughshod over the body designed to keep it on track.

An analysis of Shannon Fentiman ministerial diary shows a very select list of child safety offices she has visited in her time as Minister and the visits coincide with deaths of children being managed at that office.

Our frontline staff in Caboolture have been hung out to dry by the Labor Government and I am there to support them.