“The case in Blackwater has exposed how Labor has dropped the ball on coronavirus testing in Queensland.

“The tragic death of this young man shows there is undetected community transmission in Queensland.

“It’s a bit rich for the Premier to point the finger at southern states over community transmission when she doesn’t know what’s happening in her own backyard.

“It erodes the Premier’s entire argument about closing the border, which is closing businesses and costing jobs.

“Only two days ago the Premier said there was no community transmission in Queensland, but that’s obviously not the case if they can’t trace the source in Blackwater.

“Testing rates in Queensland are well behind New South Wales and Victoria and around 80,000 tests short of where we should be.

“The people of Blackwater should have been told the nurse had travelled to the area so they could get tested and take precautions.

“The Premier had said the area was COVID-free, even though the Labor government knew a nurse with COVID-19 had travelled there.”