Mudgeeraba Electorate

The electorate of Mudgeeraba is the largest State electorate on the Gold Coast and covers 368 square kilometres of the rural hinterland of the southern Gold Coast west of the Pacific Motorway as well as urban centres west of the Robina Parkway.   The electorate also includes the Hinze Dam, the major water source for the Gold Coast.

The Mudgeeraba electorate encompasses Advancetown, Austinville, Bonogin, Gilston, Lower Beechmont, Mudgeeraba, Natural Bridge, Neranwood, Numinbah Valley, Reedy Creek, Springbrook, Tallai, Worongary, Merrimac, The Cove in Carrara, parts of Clagiraba, Tallebudgera Valley and Robina.

The majority of the Mudgeeraba electorate falls within Division 9 of the Gold Coast City Council comprising Mudgeeraba, Tallai, Worongary, Bonogin, Gilston, Lower Beechmont, Natural Bridge, Neranwood, Numinbah Valley, Advancetown, Austinville and Springbrook with Carrara and Merrimac in Division 8, Robina in Division 11, Reedy Creek and Tallebudgera Valley in Division 13 and Clagiraba in Division 5.

To check if you live in the electorate of Mudgeeraba, please go to:  Mudgeeraba Electorate

Mudgeeraba Electorate at a glance


Advancetown is known as the heart of the Gold Coast Hinterland and is situated 10km west of Nerang. The Hinze Dam on the Nerang River is located near Advancetown and is the major water supply for much of the Gold Coast. The original site of a small settlement called Advancetown now lies under the water of the Hinze Dam. The size of Advancetown is approximately 63 km². It has 1 park covering nearly 1% of the total area. The population of Advancetown in 2001 was 1,026 people. By 2006 the population was 363 showing a population decline of 65% in the area during that time.


Austinville is a suburb near Mudgeeraba toward the southern end of the Gold Coast. It was originally established by the Queensland Government in an effort to resettle unemployed people in the early 1930s. The settlement didn’t last long as many families left after the Great Depression. Today some avocado and dairy farms remain, though they are dwarfed by the surrounding State Forest. The Austinville Conservation Area supports integral rainforest and eucalypt vegetation.


Bonogin is a tranquil inland suburb of the Gold Coast with an abundance of bird life 10 minutes from Mudgeeraba and 15 minutes from Robina. The area on the edges of the Gold Coast Hinterland is lush and green with stunning valley views only 10 minutes from the M1 Motorway. Bonogin is largely an acreage suburb.

Lower Beechmont

Lower Beechmont is a popular area due to its elevated position in the first line of Hinterland mountains. The quiet residential area has a village feel and is popular with those people trying to escape the fast pace of the city.


Carrara is a suburb on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, located on the southern bank of the Nerang River. It is most known as being the home of Metricon Stadium, the cricket and Australian rules football ground and the Carrara Markets. The name Carrara comes from the Aboriginal word ‘Karara’ meaning ‘long flat’


Located approximately 25km west of Surfer’s Paradise in the Gold Coast’s hinterland, Clagiraba is a suburb nestled between Mount Nathan and Witheren and also encompasses the southern end of Mount Tamborine. Though zoned rural, it is a comparatively short (10-15 minute) drive to more populous suburbs such as Nerang, Oxenford and Pacific Pines. I


Gilston is a semi-rural suburb tucked just the south of Nerang and far enough way from the Motorway to be quiet yet still have quick access to the Gold Coast-Brisbane motorway. Gilston offers larger acreage blocks with scattered standard residential homes located on the western side of Highland Park on sloping hills. The area has many new residential developments.


Merrimac is a residential suburb located centrally on the Gold Coast. It is situated between Robina Parkway in the east and the M1 Motorway in the west. This is a reasonably new suburb and is popular among families looking to buy their own homes. Its proximity to all the city’s major attractions has ensured it has become popular and there is significant demand in the area.


Often referred to as the green behind the Gold Coast, Mudgeeraba is set on bush-covered hills that characterise the rural Hinterland of the Gold Coast. With magnificent rainforests and waterfalls as well as an array of native flora and fauna, it is little wonder it remains a popular spot for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The suburb maintains a rural village feel and is a pleasant spot to escape to. The annual Mudgeeraba Show is a celebration of all the area has to offer and is certainly worth a look. Another popular event is the Somerset Celebration of Literature, designed to encourage a love of reading and writing in the community, which attracts acclaimed writers to the region.

Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge is an area located at the southern end of Numinbah Valley. Here, the rainforest springs and short tributary creeks such as Cave Creek form the headwaters of the Nerang River. The area, Natural Bridge, and the National Park take their names from a ancient geological phenomenon associated with one of these creeks.


Neranwood is located at the southern end of the Gold Coast inland from Mudgeeraba. It lies in the Gold Coast’s beautiful hinterland and is only a short distance from the Springbrook National Park.


Located in the foothills of the famously beautiful south-east Queensland’s Border Ranges, Numinbah Forest Reserve protects a range of plants and animals, and sparkling waterways. Rugged mountain scenery makes this a superb area for photography.


Robina is a master-planned residential community located centrally on the Gold Coast. It is a relatively young suburb with endless facilities. Robina Town Centre is a major shopping centre on the Gold Coast and a central feature of the area. Robina train station is the last stop on the Gold Coast line and is located next to the $160 million Skilled Park, the home of the Gold Coast Titans and a major entertainment facility which can cater for crowds of up to 27,000. Bond University is also located in the area.

Reedy Creek

Reedy Creek is a southern Gold Coast suburb located on the western side of the M1 Motorway. The developing suburb is one of the closest acreage suburbs to the beach. The suburbs location close to shopping centres, beaches and other Gold Coast attractions has seen it grow steadily in popularity. The rural feel of the suburb is a welcome change of pace from the rest of the city. The Observatory is a 300ha residential development in the area, with views from Coolangatta to Surfers Paradise with more than 40 per cent dedicated to open space.


Springbrook is a world-heritage listed national park situated at the southern end of the Gold Coast. The spectacular landscape is made up of rainforest, gorges and waterfalls and is home to an array of native wildlife. It is a slice of serene paradise just 45 minutes from the bright lights of Surfers Paradise. Popular among tourists and locals alike, the area is perfect for a day trip or a long stay.


Tallai is a beautiful suburb of rolling hills and steep, high ridges.vHouses in this area range from residential homes to large acreage blocks. The rolling hills of Tallai mean many homes have spectacular views of the Gold Coast. It is a popular area for people looking for larger blocks of land.

Tallebudgera Valley

Tally Valley is the lush valley at the back of Tallebudgera Beach which leads you into emerald-green farmland and natural forests and the relaxed ambience for which the southern Gold Coast is renowned.  Tallebudgera Road to the intersection of Old Coach Road are in the electorate of Mudgeeraba.


Worongary is a central suburb, located south of Highland Park, that adjoins Mudgeeraba and Tallai. Houses in this area range from residential homes to large acreage blocks. The rolling hills of Tallai mean many homes have spectacular views of the Gold Coast. It is a popular area for people looking for larger blocks of land.

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