Car registration costs will skyrocket by 3.5 per cent tomorrow after the Palaszczuk-Gordon Government rejected the LNP’s motion in Parliament to scrap the price hike.

Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg said Labor voted to keep the unfair registration increase putting Queensland on track to become the most expensive State in the country to own and operate a vehicle.

“Every single Labor MP voted to increase the cost of car registration by two and a half times the inflation rate putting unnecessary pressure on the family budget,” Mr Springborg said.

“Proving how out-of-touch and incompetent this Government is, Labor’s Member for Bundaberg Leanne Donaldson told her local paper the registration rise is ‘not technically an increase’.

“This is an insult to Ms Donaldson’s constituents and an insult to every other Queensland driver now paying too much for car registration because Labor MPs failed to stand up for their communities.”

Shadow Transport Minister Scott Emerson said while the LNP froze car registration for three years, Labor is slugging drivers with an increase two and a half times the inflation rate.

“This is a return to the bad old days when the former Labor Government put car registration up by 30 per cent in its last four years of office,” Mr Emerson said.

“Labor’s increase is an unfair cop to Queensland families already struggling to keep up with paying household bills.”

Mr Springborg said Labor is using Queensland taxpayers as cash cows to compensate for its lack of an economic plan.

“With the budget only two weeks away, Queenslanders will be wondering if they will have to reach into their own pockets, like they have had to with car registration, to help the struggling Treasurer balance the books,” he said.

“Queenslanders didn’t vote for massive price hikes and that is exactly what they have got from Labor.”


Car type What it was (2014-15) From 1 July 2015 under ALP
4-cylinder $280.05 $289.95
6-cylinder $443.45 $458.95
8-cylinder $620.95 $642.70

NOTE – These costs exclude CTP and Traffic Improvement Levy, which also add to car registration bill