New $1.5M pedestrian bridge completed for Mudgeeraba Creek State School

Schoolchildren and local pedestrians will be safer in Mudgeeraba from today after a jointly funded footbridge was officially opened.

This footbridge is a welcomed improvement for pedestrians in Mudgeeraba – and for students and parents of Mudgeeraba Creek State School, it means getting to school more safely than ever.

I am pleased to have helped deliver this bridge through the covering of priority infrastructure charges by the State Government.

Previously, children as young as five or six would have had to venture dangerously onto the road to cross the Mudgeeraba Creek, and could even be cut off when the bridge was flooded.

Through a dedicated pedestrian footbridge, coupled with the planned delivery of flashing school zone signage on Hardys Road, we can ensure these kids are kept safe on their walk to school.

This will also help alleviate congestion around school times on Hardys Road and Gold Coast-Springbrook Road by encouraging more kids to get active and walk to school.

This is a great example of different levels of government working together to deliver a major infrastructure improvement for the benefit of local residents.

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