Sound barriers at Encamp Street finally installed

Residents have longer campaigned for sound barriers on Old. Coach Road and Encamp Street. The barriers are finally in place and we hope that the noise reduction for residents in this area is significant. Thanks to those residents who signed the petition to make this a reality.   Read More

New street lights for safety in Reedy Creek

ENERGEX at the request of myself and Councillor Daphne McDonald have been installed on Old Coach Road between Woodland Plaza and Woolworths. Locals such as myself have negotiated this dark stretch of roads for years and the installation of these lights provide safety for both motorists and   Read More

Old Coach Rd Roundabout at Reedy Creek finished

Reedy Creek residents are no longer stuck in traffic jams each morning at the Old Coach Rd roundabout. Main Roads allocated $400,000 to fix this problem. Construction is now completed. Designated left and right hand turning lanes have been constructed from Kingsmore Boulevard to enable motorists to   Read More

Flashing School lights installed on Somerset Drive and Milky Way

After years of complaints and multiple accidents, including fatalities we finally have flashing lights at the school zone on Somerset Drive. Cr Glenn Tozer has also approved the installation of fencing on the median strips. Together these measures will ensure our school crossings are safer for our   Read More

New stop sign at Exit 79

Following contact from Ros with the Department of Transport and Main Roads, the Give Way sign at Exit 79 on the M1 has been replaced with a Stop sign to improve safety for motorists. Ros made the approach to TMR in response to concerns raised by community members, at which point TMR officers   Read More

Fixed Road Hazard Signage for Beechmont Rd and Gold-Coast Springbrook Rd

Main Roads has completed the installation of fixed road hazard signage on Beechmont Rd and Gold Coast-Springbrook Rd to improve safety during road closure events such as landslips, rockslides and flooding. The signs are 3m wide and panel hinged to allow the messages to change i.e. from ‘rock fall   Read More

Ros Bates MP welcomes funding to ‘Fix Our Schools’

The LNP Government’s Fixing Our Schools Fund has wiped the maintenance backlog of eight Mudgeeraba State Schools since its establishment in last year’s Budget, and the Government has now allocated additional funds that will serve to address the backlog of the remaining two schools. Ten Mudgeeraba   Read More

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