Pacific Motorway – Mudgeeraba to Varsity Lakes (Early Works) Upgrade Project – Update #3 – Madeline Street


In case you missed the notification delivered to your letterbox earlier this week, please find below the latest information on the Early Works being carried out adjacent to Madeline Street as part of the Pacific Motorway Mudgeeraba to Varsity Lakes (M2VL) upgrade. You may be interested to see the attached aerial photos of the access track taking shape.

Due to wet weather, the programme of works has encountered delays. As a result, works to install the new two-metre high, concrete noise wall will commence this month and conclude in early February 2018, weather permitting.

The new noise wall will be reinstated in a staggered configuration either side of the new service utilities access track to allow for the installation of services and ongoing maintenance access. The configuration will include an appropriate overlap between panels on the eastern and western side of the new access track to maintain noise reduction benefits.

Approximately seven sections of noise wall will be installed, commencing from either end of the access track. Each section will take approximately five working days to install.

Current works – the following construction activities are ongoing in the easement adjacent to Madeline Street

Drilling and concreting works – installing noise wall footings
Final pad roller works – laying and compacting gravel on access track
Energex works – installing electricity poles and stringing powerlines – manual works
Telstra works sub-ducting and fibre-optic cable hauling – manual works
Landscaping works hydro-mulching
Dust – increased dust during these activities can be expected; a water cart travels through the site multiple times each day to mitigate the dust as much as possible
Pedestrian path in Cobbers Park – excavation works near the Mudgeeraba Creek bridge and the walking path in Cobbers Park is ongoing; the path access will remain open, however pedestrians are asked to keep their personal safety top of mind when using the pathway.
Future works – the following staged activities can be expected until the end of work

Constructing the new gravel access track will continue – near completion
Relocating and realigning service utilities bordering the access track – near completion
Installing and painting the new two-metre high concrete noise barrier – to be painted in eucalyptus green – foundation works commencing December 2017
Hydro-mulching along the M1 bordering the new access track – works commencing December 2017.
NB: Please note that more information will be released on the above activities to Madeline Street residents as the programme of works progresses.

Work hours

Monday to Saturday, 6am to 6pm
NB: Please note that works will shut down over the Christmas period between 22 December 2017 and 2 January 2018.

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