LNP Leader Deb Frecklington said after a week of lies, scandals and claims of serious vote rigging that it was time the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) undertook a full investigation of the Palaszczuk Government’s Lady Cilento scandal.

Ms Frecklington has written to the CCC saying the LNP opposition has done all in its powers to bring these serious fraud allegations to light but it was now time for the state’s peak crime fighting body to step in and undertake a full investigation.

It follows a Nine News RTI showing that 74 IP addresses were responsible for almost 18,000 ‘yes’ votes in a clearly rigged consultation survey as well as admissions by the Health Minister to The Australian newspaper that his own Ministerial office voted multiple times. There have also been further revelations tonight following a Seven News RTI that the Hospital Foundation had words put in its mouth by Labor who falsely claim the Foundation had advocated for the Cilento name change.

“The Palaszczuk government’s credibility has been shot to pieces this week. To put it frankly, you can’t believe a word this government says,” Ms Frecklington said.

“This whole scandal is more than about the name change now, it goes to the heart of our democracy and good government.

“It is alleged that the Palaszczuk government rigged the vote and manipulated the entire consultation process.

“We believe there is a case and it is now time for the CCC to step in and launch a full investigation.”

Ms Frecklington said she has asked the CCC to investigate whether the Palaszczuk Government has broken Section 430 of the Criminal code about fraudulent falsification of records, whether corrupt conduct under section 15 of the Crime and Corruption act has taken place and whether the alleged the vote rigging was done by Ministerial staffers or Health bureaucrats potentially breaking the Public Sector Ethics Act 1994.

“This whole scandal undermines public confidence into public administration in Queensland,” she said.

“Queenslanders don’t like being lied to and they don’t like their money being wasted.”

The maximum penalty for the fraudulent falsification of records is 10 years prison, corrupt conduct maximum penalty is 14 years prison and the breaking of the Public Sector Ethics Act is up to one year in prison.