$8.75 million new congestion busting road opened in Reedy Creek

I have been working hard with Councillor Daphne McDonald and my Federal colleague Karen Andrews MP to address your traffic concerns in Reedy Creek.

In June of this year the new Eden View Drive opened in Reedy Creek which now provides an alternative route for parents from the Observatory to drive their children to school who attend at Hillcrest, Kings or Gold Coast Christian College.

Currently, 6,500 cars enter the Reedy Creek roundabout at the corner of Old Coach Road and Kingsmore Boulevard each morning, creating traffic problems in our area.

$2 million has already been spent upgrading Bridgman Drive and the approach from the eastern side of the M1 at Exit 84.

$400,000 was spent on Old Coach Road roundabout to enable right and left turns from Kingsmore Boulevarde for north and southbound traffic.

A new road link has been constructed in Reedy Creek to alleviate traffic at the roundabout at the corner of Old Coach Road and Kingsmore Boulevard.

This $8.75 million road link has been jointly funded by the City of Gold Coast and the State and Federal Governments.

It has created a whole new link off the Observatory from Observatory Drive at the dog park along Marchmont Drive to a new connection Road at Panormama Drive into Royston Crescent at the new Varsity Heights Estate in Reedy Creek.

From there, residents can drop their children off at Gold Coast Christian College and Hillcrest Christian College on Bridgman Drive.

Another new link at Eden View Drive joins from there into the back of King’s Christian College, with a new exit at Gemvale Road which will include traffic lights.

What this means is that approximately 2,000 cars a day will no longer have to use the Old Coach Road roundabout, greatly alleviating traffic from June 2016.

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