The LNP Government’s Fixing Our Schools Fund has wiped the maintenance backlog of eight Mudgeeraba State Schools since its establishment in last year’s Budget, and the Government has now allocated additional funds that will serve to address the backlog of the remaining two schools.

Ten Mudgeeraba schools have already received a total of $946,948 from the $200m fund towards fixing existing maintenance issues inherited from the previous Government.

Merrimac State School and Robina State High School are the only schools in the area with a maintenance backlog remaining.

The LNP Government has announced an additional $100m for the fund to address maintenance issues at schools like Merrimac and Robina.

Ms Bates says these additional funds will go towards assisting those schools, whose maintenance backlog was greater than the $160,000 cap per school for initial funding.

“The extra $100 million will see schools like Merrimac State School and Robina State High School receive the extra funding they need to be revitalised.”

“These two schools have already received the maximum allocation under the first round of the program – $160,000.”

“It is extraordinary that two schools in Mudgeeraba had a backlog of more than $160,000 in repairs outstanding when the LNP Government was elected.”

“The wiping out of 80% of the existing backlog is a welcome, but it’s a disgrace that there was such a backlog in the first place.”

“Properly maintained schools are vital community infrastructure and to simply leave them to decline is unfair to our students, teachers and parents.”