The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) recently completed the analysis of almost 70 bridge names for the three historical bridges on Gold Coast-Springbrook Road. Submissions were received from nearly 30 local residents, businesses and community groups.

The bridge naming process included verifying facts and data and assessing nominations that best reflected local community values in their historical, cultural and/or social significance. The TMR panel then recommended to the Minister for Transport and Main Roads, the Honourable Scott Emerson MP, the three nominations that best met this criteria.

The Minister has now endorsed the following bridge names:
• Bridge #1 – Mary Leu bridge
• Bridge #2 – Pte Frederick Anderson bridge
• Bridge #3 – George Gentry bridge

Further information on the significance of these names has been sent to you by post today and will be loaded to the Gold Coast-Springbrook Road project page on the TMR website later this week.

Signage for all three bridges have now been installed.

Following concerns of tourists running out of petrol on the drive to Springbrook, the Department of Transport and Main Roads have installed ‘No fuel At Springbrook – Round Trip 140km) ‘ signs to warn motorists to fill up before visiting the mountain.