What we have seen today is further confirmation Labor’s child safety system is broken.

Throwing money at a new IT system won’t fix anything.

Labor is spending $6 million on an IT system when all they need to do is pick up the phone and actually work together. Instead these resources could be used to employ another 100 child safety officers.

Labor has a bad history of implementing IT systems – why should Queenslanders have confidence that this system won’t fail too?

They have once again used the cover of multiple reports to try and hide the failings of the system under its watch.

Behind every number is a little child that is not here today.

We’ve seen report after report outlining the child safety department’s failure to communicate and work with other agencies. The common denominator among these failures is Shannon Fentiman.

Enough is enough, we don’t need more reports and more reviews.

We need a Minister and a government that will restore confidence and accountability back into child protection in Queensland.