Wednesday, 27 July 2016

  • Thousands set to miss out on disability services for the next three years
  • Palaszczuk Government sits on its hands while Queenslanders languish on register of need
  • Disability Services Minister Coralee O’Rourke gives no assurances of support in the future

Thousands of our most vulnerable Queenslanders are set to miss out on vital support services over next three years because of a lack of commitment from Disability Services Minister Coralee O’Rourke.

Shadow Minister for Disability Services Ros Bates said Queenslanders who have been assessed as needing disability support are languishing on the ‘register of need’ because of a lack of commitment from the Palaszczuk Government.

“The decision from the Government to not commit resources is creating a funding shortfall in disability services over the next three years, while it is Queenslanders with disability who will suffer,” Ms Bates said.

“The Minister is sitting on her hands waiting for the NDIS to materialise from the Federal Government, while offering no support to Queenslanders who are in constant need of support.

“It’s indicative of this asleep at the wheel Palaszczuk Labor Government to let someone else do the heavy lifting and fund these services, and it’s just not good enough.

“Minister O’Rourke has given up trying to achieve outcomes for those Queenslanders on the register of need.”

Ms Bates said once the three years have passed, there is still no assurance for those on the register of need that they will receive support beyond 2019.

“The Palaszczuk Government is relying on Federal money, but there is no guarantee that this money will flow through to those Queenslanders that are still yet to receive assistance from this Labor Government,” Ms Bates said.

“The Minister needs to be up front and tell all those people waiting for support why they will miss out on backing as Labor tries to plug a major funding shortfall.

“It makes no sense the Minister O’Rourke is refusing to make future investments in supporting people with a disability over the next three years.

“Queensland must continue to ensure support is available for people over the next three years desperately hold out to for the NDIS to start.

“The Minister can’t simply hide behind the NDIS as the solution to disability policy and services.”